Marry The Moon Tabs and Lyrics, Jason Morphew

The lyrics for this beautiful song are presented for songwriting research and education purposes only – and are just guesses anyway. The song has a great upbeat melody, emotionally believable 30-something vignettes, with a neat depressing take on just about every idea thought of.

We could sing a song from our childhood
We both know it would do us no good
All of our old dreams are doomed

We could make believe we’re still kids
Pretend that you forgot what I did
We may as well marry the moon

We could drink a lot of champagne
Pretend that we are not going insane
Celebrate making it to noon

We could spend the night together
Discuss doing it forever
We might as well marry the moon

Guitar Solo

We could visit the parties
Come home and kiss each others’ bodies
Chase each other around the room

We could go to the chapel
But baby I’m giving up the battle
We might as well marry the moon

Guitar Solo 2