George Harrison

George harrison Songwriting

George harrison Songwriting

A small documentary on George Harrison’s songwriting technique. If nothing else it reminds us about the theory that you need 10,000 hours doing something to be world class (that’s only 9-5 for 285 days, folks!).

He explains Lennon and McCartney had a “head start” with getting their bad songs out the way, whereas he had to start when the Beatles were already famous. Songs like “Something” and “Tomorrow Never Knows” are testament to his ability and tenacity.

George Martin wrote that he wasn’t a great writer at all in the beginning. “He would craft his music meticulously with every little stitch in the canvas and gradually built up his songwriting technique to the point he became a great writer.”

What are YOUR favorite George Harrison songs? And what is it about his tunes that make them “George” songs? Do you think he ever reached the hights of John Lennon or Paul McCartney?